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Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence
Kitakyushu, Japan, August 16-18, 2007
Submission deadline:
February 1, 2007


Thursday, 16th August:

    12:30 Registration

    13:30 Opening Session

    • Yuji Yoshida, General Chair, MDAI 2007
    • Vicenç Torra, Program Committee co-chair, MDAI 2007
    • Yasuo Narukawa, Program Committee co-chair, MDAI 2007

    14:00 Plenary talk:

    • E. E. Kerre (U. Gent, Belgium), Chair: Y. Yoshida
      An overview of fuzzy relational calculus and its applications

    15:00 Coffee break

    15:20 Parallel A: Clustering - I Chair: V. Torra

    • Fuzzy c-Means for Data with Tolerance Defined as Hyper-rectangles
      Y. Hasegawa, Y. Endo, Y. Hamasuna, S.Miyamoto
    • Kernel Functions Based on Fuzzy Neighborhoods and Agglomerative Clustering
      S. Miyamoto, Y. Kawasaki
    • c-Means Clustering on the Multinomial Manifold
      R. Inokuchi, S. Miyamoto

    15:20 Parallel B: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery - I Chair: S. Miyamoto

    • On a Rough Sets Based Tool for Generating Rules from Data with Categorical and Numerical Values
      H. Sakai, K. Koba, R. Ishibashi, M. Nakata
    • Applying Rough Sets to Information Tables Containing Probabilistic Values
      M. Nakata, H. Sakai
    • A Study of Emotion Recognition and Its Applications
      W.-J. Yoon, K.-S. Park
    • Mining Frequent Diamond Episodes from Event Sequences
      T. Katoh, K. Hirata, M. Harao

    16:40 Break

    16:50 Parallel A: Clustering - II Chair: M. Nakata

    • Formulation of Fuzzy c-Means Clustering Using Calculus of Variations
      S. Miyamoto
    • CWC: A Clustering-based Feature Weighting Approach for Text Classification
      L. Zhu, J. Guan, S. Zhou
    • Algorithms for Sequential Extraction of Clusters by Possibilistic Clustering
      S. Miyamoto, Y. Kuroda

    16:50 Parallel B: Bioinformatics Chair: P. Chiclana

    • Classification of Normal and Tumor Tissues Using Geometric Representation of Gene Expression Microarray Data
      S. Kim, D. Shin
    • A Seed-Based Method for Predicting Common Secondary Structures in Unaligned RNA Sequences
      X. Fang, Z. Luo, Z. Wang, B. Yuan, J. Shi
    • Learning Dynamic Bayesian Networks from cDNA Microarray Gene Expression Data
      A. Shermin, M. A. Orgun

    17:50 Kokura Gion Festival (welcome ceremony)

Friday, 17th August:

    9:00 Plenary talk:

    • S. Iwamoto (U. Kyushu, Japan), Chair: Y. Narukawa
      The golden quadruplet: Optimization - Inequality - Identity - Operator

    10:00 Coffee Break

    10:20 Parallel A: Decision Making - I Chair: J. Schubert

    • Weighting Individual Opinions in Group Decision Making
      J. L. García-Lapresta
    • Research on Next Generation Grids using a Fuzzy Assessment Method
      C. Ye, F. Xiong, Q. Luo
    • Combining Prioritized Decisions in Classification
      Y. Bi
    • A Fuzzy Target Based Model for Multi-Criteria Decision Making
      H. Yan, V.-N. Huynh, Y. Nakamori
    • Modeling of Regret and Rejoicing Emotions on Multicriteria Decision Analysis
      J. C. Leyva-Lopez

    10:20 Parallel B: Applications - I Chair: M. Ogiela

    • Robust Parameter Decision-Making Based on Multidisciplinary Knowledge Model
      J. Hu, Y. Peng, G. Xiong
    • Embedding Deductive Capability in Knowledge Structure Diagrams
      H. F. Lai
    • Design of Agent-based Integrated u-Healthcare System supporting Heterogeneous Services
      D.-U. Kim, S.-P. Heo, G.-H. Lee, K.-H. Choi, D.-R. Shin
    • Inspection of the Effect of Route Information in Traffic Control by Multiagent Simulation
      K. Harada, M. Haro, K. Hirata
    • Decision Engine for Traffic Strategy Considering the Environmental Justice in Emission and ITS Information
      P. Junhwan, D. Nam, W. Kim

    12:00 Lunch time (planned in the university cafeteria, in the same building)

    13:10 Parallel A: Vision Chair: K. Hirata

    • Automatic Segmentation of Neoplastic Hepatic Disease Symptoms in CT Images
      M. Ciecholewski, M. R. Ogiela
    • Cognitive Categorization in Modeling Decision and Pattern Understanding
      L. Ogiela, R. Tadeusiewicz, M. R. Ogiela
    • Real Time Face Recognition System using PCA and DDT
      M.-A. Kang, J.-M. Kim

    13:10 Parallel B: Non Additive Measure and Concept Lattices - I Chair: J. Outrata

    • Multidimensional Fuzzy Integrals
      Y. Narukawa, V. Torra
    • A Version of Lebesgue Decomposition Theorem for Non-additive Measures
      J. Li, M. Yasuda, J. Li

    14:10 Break

    14:20 Parallel A: Robotics Chair: V. Georgescu

    • A Robust Localization Method for Mobile Robots Based on Ceiling Landmarks
      V. T. Nguyen, M. S. Jeong, S. M. Ahn, S. B. Moon, S. W. Baik
    • Multi-Robot Tracking using the Particle Filter and SOM in Robotic Space with Network Camera
      TS. Jin, HC. Kim, JM. Lee
    • An Investigation on Indoor Human's Behavior for Robot Application
      S.-J. Youn, K.-W. Oh

    14:20 Parallel B: Non Additive Measure and Concept Lattices - II Chair: S. Sandri

    • Lindig's Algorithm for Concept Lattices over Graded Attributes
      R. Belohlavek, B. De Baets, J. Outrata, V. Vychodil
    • Trees in Concept Lattices
      R. Belohlavek, B. De Baets, J. Outrata, V. Vychodil
    • An Axiomatization of Shapley Value of Games on Set Systems
      A. Honda, Y. Okazaki

    15:20 Coffee Break

    16:00 Parallel A: Decision Making - II Chair: J. L. Garcia Lapresta

    • A Multicriteria Fuzzy System using Residuated Implication Operators and Fuzzy Arithmetic
      S. Sandri, C. Sibertin-Blanc, V. Torra
    • Static and Dynamic Coalition Formation in Group-Choice Decision Making
      T. Wanyama
    • An Aggregation of Agents, Roles and Coalition Formation to Support Collaborative and Dynamic Organizations
      N. Houari, B. H. Far
    • Group Decision Making: From Consistency to Consensus
      F. Chiclana, F. Mata, S. Alonso, E. Herrera-Viedma, and L. Mart\'{\i}nez

    16:00 Parallel B: Soft Computing - I Chair: M. Yasuda

    • Modelling and Simulation of Fuzzy-Rule Based Systems
      W.-M. Lippe
    • A Multi-Supplier and Return-Policy Newsboy Model with Limited Budget and Minimum Service Level by Using GA
      P. C. Yang, H. M. Wee, S. L. Chung, S. H. Kang
    • An Evolutionary Algorithm with Diversified Crossover Operator for the Heterogeneous Probabilistic TSP
      Y.-H. Liu, R.-C. Jou, C.-C. Wang, C.-S. Chiu
    • Constrained Problem Optimization Based on Self-adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization with Novel Penalty Mechanisms
      D. Yang, J. Chen, N. Matsumoto

    17:20 Adjourn

    18:30 Conference Dinner

Saturday, 18th August:

    9:00 Plenary talk:

    • H. Bannai (U. Kyushu, Japan), Chair: V. Torra
      Algorithms for String Pattern Discovery

    10:00 Coffee Break

    10:20 Parallel A: Applications - II Chair: J. Long

    • Fuzzy Extension of Estimations with Randomness: The Perception-based Approach
      Y. Yoshida
    • Resolution of Singularities and Stochastic Complexity of Complete Bipartite Graph-Type Spin Model in Bayesian Estimation
      M. Aoyagi, S. Watanabe
    • A Public-Key Protocol for Social Networks with Private Relationships
      J. Domingo-Ferrer
    • An Incentive-Based System for Information Providers Over Peer-to-Peer Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
      J. Castellà-Roca, V. Daza, J. Domingo-Ferrer, J. A. Manjón, F. Sebée, A. Viejo
    • An Adaptive Fault Tolerance Running on Middleware for Situation-Aware
      E. N. Ko

    10:20 Parallel B: Soft Computing - II Chair: V. N. Huynh

    • Boltzmann Machine Incorporated Hybrid Neural Fuzzy System for Hardware/Software Partitioning in Embedded System Design
      Y. Huang, Y.S. Kim
    • Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Optimization Algorithm for Training Feed-Forward Neural Networks
      D. Karaboga, B. Akay, C. Ozturk
    • Performance Enhancement of RBF Networks in Classification by Removing Outliners in the Training Phase
      H. T. Huynh, N. H. Vo, M.-T. T. Hoang, Y. Won
    • Temporal Difference-Based Adaptive Policies in Neuro-Dynamic Programming
      T. Iki, M. Horiguchi, M. Yasuda, M. Kurano

    12:00 Lunch time (planned in the university cafeteria, in the same building)

    13:10 Parallel A: Decision Making - III Chair: T. Wanyama

    • A Behavioral Analysis in Decision Making using Weather Information with the Fuzzy Target Based Decision Model
      A. Hiramatsu, V.-N. Huynh, Y. Nakamori
    • Evolving Coalitions of Task-Oriented Agents via Genetic Algorithms to Foster Self-Organization in Digital Business Ecosystems
      V. Georgescu
    • An Active Learning Method Based on Most Possible Misclassification Sampling Using Committee
      J. Long, J. Yin, E. Zhu
    • Modeling Decisions for the Time-Dependent Optimal Lane Configuration Policy with Queueing Theory and Mathematical Programming
      S. Kim

    13:10 Parallel B: Natural Language Chair: J. Domingo

    • Error Detection and Correction Based on Chinese Phonemic Alphabet in Chinese Text
      C.-M. Huang, M.-C. Wu, C.-C. Chang
    • Towards Automation of Data Understanding: Integration of Syntax and Semantics into Granular Structures of Data
      W. Homenda
    • Automatic Protein Name Recognition System Using Support Vector Machines
      YH. Jung, JM. Chae, KN. Park, SY. Chung
    • Construction of News Knowledge Expression by Applying Topic Maps Theory and Hierarchical Display Structure
      C.-M. Huang, C.-F. Liu

    14:40 Closing Session

MDAI 2007

IIIA - Institut d'Investigació en Intel.ligència Artificial