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The 6th International Conference on
Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence

Awaji Island, Japan, November 30 - December 2, 2009
Submission deadline:
(extended) May 21, 2009

Under construction

Invited Talks:
    Invited talks by Profs. Roman Slowinski, Hiroyuki Tamura, Weldon A. Lodwick, L. Godo, and Sadaaki Miyamoto will be given in MDAI 2009.
    Abstracts here


Monday, 30th November:

    9:15 Opening Session (Room 301)

    • Masahiro Inuiguchi, General Chair, MDAI 2009
    • Vicenç Torra, Program Committee co-chair, MDAI 2009
    • Yasuo Narukawa, Program Committee co-chair, MDAI 2009

    9:30 Plenary Talk (Room 301):

    • H. Tamura (Kansai University, Japan), Chair: M. Inuiguchi
      Modeling Ambiguity Averse Behavior of Individual Decision Making: Prospect Theory under Uncertainty

    10:45 Coffee Break

    11:00 Plenary Talk (Room 301):

    • R. Slowinski (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland), Chair: S. Miyamoto
      Interactive Robust Multiobjective Optimization Driven by Decision Rule Preference Model

    12:15 Lunch time (additional information in due time)

    13:20 Parallel A: Game Theory (Room 311A) Chair: Y. Yoshida

    • Toward the Theory of Cooperative Games under Incomplete Information
      S. Masuya, M. Inuiguchi
    • A Formal Theory of Cooperative TU-games
      M. Daumas, E. Martin-Dorel, A. Truffert, M. Ventou
    • Decision Making in Voting Games: an Insight into Theory and Practice
      W. Homenda
    • Comparison of Data Structures for Computing Formal Concepts
      P. Krajca, V. Vychodil
    • The Functionality-Security-Privacy Game
      J. Domingo-Ferrer

    13:20 Parallel B: Machine Learning (Room 311B) Chair: H. Ishii

    • Dynamic Neighborhood Selection for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction
      Y. Zhan, J. Yin, J. Long
    • A consistency-constrained feature selection algorithm with the steepest descent method
      K. Shin, X. M. Xu
    • A Heuristic Algorithm for Attribute Reduction Based on Discernibility and Equivalence by Attributes
      Y. Kudo, T. Murai
    • Multiobjective Multiclass Soft-Margin Support Vector Machine and its Solving Technique Based on Benson's Method
      K. Tatsumi, R. Kawachi, K. Hayashida, T. Tanino
    • Visualization Can Improve Multiple Decision Table Classifiers
      K. Haraguchi, S.-H. Hong, H. Nagamochi

    15:00 Coffee Break

    15:20 Parallel A: Fuzzy Measures and Decision Making(Room 311A) Chair: V.-H. Huynh

    • A Lyapunov-type Theorem for Nonadditive Vector Measures
      N. Sagara
    • On Separable Fuzzy Measures
      Y. Narukawa, V. Torra
    • Using Conditional Random Fields for Decision-Theoretic Planning
      P. Ardis, C. M. Brown
    • Interactive Decision Making for Hierarchical Multiobjective Linear Programming Problems
      H. Yano
    • A Perception-Based Portfolio under Uncertainty: Minimization of Average Rates of Falling
      Y. Yoshida

    15:20 Parallel B: Computational Intelligence (Room 311B) Chair: J. Long

    • Situation Recognition and Hypothesis Management using Petri Nets
      A. Dahlbom, L. Niklasson, G. Falkman
    • On Exclusive Usage of General-Purpose Machines for Semiconductor Manufacturing
      Y. Shiraki, Y. Murakami, M. Inuiguchi, K. Masunaga, S. Kurose
    • N-gram and TF-IDF Model for Masquerade Detection Using UNIX Commands
      D. Geng, T. Odaka, J. Kuroiwa, H. Ogura
    • Variable Precision Rough Set Model in Incomplete Information Tables
      Y. Kusunoki, M. Inuiguchi
    • A Variable Precision Dominance-based Rough Set Approach to Multiple Decision Tables
      S. Yamamoto, M. Inuiguchi

    17:00 Adjourn

    18:00 Reception (Room 301)

Tuesday, 1st December:

    9:00 Plenary Talk (Room 301):

    • W. A. Lodwick (University of Colorado, USA), Chair: Y. Yoshida
      The Relationship Between Fuzzy/Possibilistic Optimization and Interval Analysis

    10:15 Coffee Break

    10:35 Plenary Talk (Room 301):

    • L. Godo (IIIA-CSIC, Catalonia, Spain), Chair: Y. Narukawa
      g-BDI: a graded intensional agent model for practical reasoning

    11:50 Lunch time (additional information in due time)

    13:00 Parallel A: Decision Making (Room 311A) Chair: M. Daumas

    • Combining various methods of automated user decision and preferences modelling
      A. Eckhardt, P. Vojtas
    • Target-Oriented Decision Analysis with Different Target Preferences
      H.-B. Hong-Bin, V.-N. Huynh, Y. Nakamori
    • A Novel Method for Multibiometric Fusion Based on FAR and FRR
      Y. Li, J. Yin, J. Long, E. Zhu
    • Performance evaluation of TEWA systems for improved decision support
      F. Johansson, G. Falkman
    • Evaluation Based on Pessimistic Efficiency in Interval DEA
      T. Entani

    13:00 Parallel B: Clustering (Room 311B) Chair: T. Nakashima

    • PCA-guided k-Means with Variable Weighting and Its Application to Document Clustering
      K. Honda, A. Notsu, H. Ichihashi
    • On L1-Norm Based Fuzzy c-Means Clustering with Penalty Term
      T. Miyamoto, Y. Endo, Y. Hamasuna, S. Miyamoto
    • Partial Symbol Ordering Distance
      J. Nin, J. Herranz
    • Fuzzy Classification Function of Tolerant Fuzzy c-Means Clustering
      Y. Hamasuna, Y. Endo, S. Miyamoto
    • On Hierarchical Clustering for Data with Tolerance
      Y. Endo, Y. Hamasuna, A. Tagaya
    • Refinement Properties in Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering
      S. Miyamoto

    15:00 Coffee Break

    15:20 Parallel A: Computational Intelligence (Room 311A) Chair: Y. Kudo

    • An Approach for Increased Supply Chain Security by Using Automatic Detection of Anomalous Vehicle Behaviour
      C. Brax, L. Niklasson,
    • Carbon Footprint Modeling from Raw Material Supply, Production, Consumption and Waste Generation
      H. Fujita, K. Okuhara, H. Ishii, C. S. Soon, Cahyadi, Y. Jian
    • A Hybrid Algorithm Based on Tabu Search and Ant Colony Optimization for k-Minimum Spanning Tree Problems
      H. Katagiri, T. Hayashida, I. Nishizaki, J. Ishimatsu
    • Tabu Programming: A Machine Learning Tool Using Adaptive Memory Programming
      E. Mabrouk, A.-R. Hedar, M. Fukushima
    • An Optimization Method of Large Scale Stock Layout with Guillotine Cutting
      Y. Zhang, H. Ogura, X. Ma, J. Kuroiwa, T. Odaka

    15:20 Parallel B: Clustering (Room 311B) Chair: K. Honda

    • On Semi-Supervised Clustering with Pairwise Constraints
      S. Miyamoto, M. Yamazaki, A. Terami
    • Some Pairwise Constrained Semi-Supervised Fuzzy c-Means Clustering Algorithms
      Y. Kanzawa, Y. Endo, S. Miyamoto
    • Kernel Functions Derived from Fuzzy Clustering
      S. Miyamoto, J. S. Hwang
    • A Measuring and Analysis Method of Human Action on Dynamic Image Using Motion Region in Real Time
      M. Takai
    • Web Page Clustering Using Social Bookmarking Data with Latent Dirichlet Allocation
      H. Yanagimoto, M. Yoshioka, S. Omatu

    17:00 Adjourn

    18:30 Banquet (at the Restaurant)

Wednesday, 2nd December:

    9:00 Plenary Talk (Room 301A):

    • S. Miyamoto (University of Tsukuba, Japan), Chair: V. Torra
      Generalized bags, bag relations, and applications to data analysis and decision making

    10:15 Coffee Break

    10:30 Parallel A: Decision Making (Room 301A) Chair: P. Vojtas

    • Discounting and Combination Scheme in Evidence Theory for Dealing with Conflict in Information Fusion
      V.-N. Huynh
    • Stochastic Facility Construction Problem with Preference of Candidate Sites
      H. Ishii, Y. L. Lee, K.-Y. Yeh
    • A Consensus Reaching Model for Web 2.0 Communities
      S. Alonso, I. J. Perez, F. J. Cabrerizo, J. Francisco, E. Herrera-Viedma
    • Studies on the Reverse Order Problem of Grey Incidence Analysis
      B. Li, M. Inuiguchi

    10:30 Machine Learning (Room 301B) Chair: K. Tatsumi

    • Fuzzy c-Regression Model for Data with Tolerance
      K. Kurihara, Y. Endo, Y. Hamasuna, S. Miyamoto
    • Hybrid Fuzzy Classification for Gene Expression Analysis
      G. Schaefer, T. Nakashima
    • On-demand Classifier with Lazy Learning
      Y. Matsumoto, D. Katayama, M. Inuiguchi
    • Quantitative Association Rule Mining by Dimension Reduction Method
      P. Kumar, V. S. Ananthanarayana

    11:50 Closing Session

MDAI 2009

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