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Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, August 2-4, 2004
Submission deadline:

Monday, 2nd August:

    9:00 Registration

    9:30 Opening Session

    • Marta Aymerich, Director, Interministerial Council for Research and Technological Innovation, Government of Catalonia.
    • Takahiro Yamauchi, Consul, Consulate General of Japan at Barcelona.
    • Vicenç Torra, General Chair, MDAI 2004
    • Yasuo Narukawa, co-Chair, MDAI 2004

    10:15 Plenary talk:

    • Y. Maeda (Fukui U., Japan), Chair: S. Miyamoto
      Introduction to RoboCup Research in Japan

    11:15 Coffee break

    11:45 Machine Learning and Data Mining Chair: S. Tsumoto

    • Stock Price Forecasting: Statistical, Classical and Fuzzy Neural Network Approach
      D. Marcek
    • Wavelet Time Shift Properties Integration with Support Vector Machines
      J Gomez, I Melgar, J. Seijas
    • A Study on Weighting Training Patterns for fuzzy rule-based classification systems
      T. Nakashima
    • A Machine Learning Approach for Modeling Algorithm Performance Predictors
      J. Perez, R. A. Pazos, J. Frausto, L. Cruz, H. Fraire, E. Santiago, N. E. Garcia

    13:05 Lunch time (planned near the conference site)

    15:00 Applications (I) Chair: S. Sandri

    • A Novel Network Traffic Analysis Method based on Fuzzy Association Rules
      X. Yang, W. Yang, M. Zeng, Y. Shi
    • Modeling the Distributed Control of the Lower Urinary Tract Using a Multiagent System
      D. Ruiz, J. M. Garcia, F. Macia, A. Soriano
    • Mining Diagnostic Taxonomy using Interval-based Similarity from Clinical Databases
      S. Tsumoto

    16:00 Applications (II) Chair: I. Kojadinovic

    • Combining Multiple Classifiers using Dempster's Rule of Combination for Text Categorization
      Y. Bi, D. Bell, H. Wang, G. Guo, K. Greer
    • An Empirical Analysis of Assessment Errors for Weights and Andness in LSP Criteria
      J. J. Dujmovic, W. Y. Fang
    • Reliability of LSP Criteria
      J. J. Dujmovic, W. Y. Fang

    17:00 Coffee Break

    17:20 Late Breaking session Chair: T. Nakashima

    • A Multistrategy Approach for Digital Text Categorization
      M. Dolores del Castillo, J. I. Serrano
    • A multi-Expert Multi-Criteria Aggregation Model
      G. Canfora, L. Troiano
    • On the Central Limit Theorem on IFS-Events
      J. Petrovicova, B. Riecan

    18:05 Adjourn

    21:00 Conference Dinner: Hotel Le Meridien Barcelona

    NOTE: Le Meridien Barcelona is at a walking distance from the conference site

Tuesday, 3rd August:

    9:30 Plenary talk:

    • R. Mesiar (Slovak U. of Techn., Slovakia), Chair: Y. Narukawa
      Fuzzy Integrals

    10:30 Coffee break

    11:00 Aggregation Chair: J. J. Dujmovic

    • Unsupervised Aggregation by the Choquet Integral Based on Entropy Functionals: Application to the Evaluation of Students
      I. Kojadinovic
    • Preservation of Distinguished Fuzzy Measure Classes by Distortion
      L. Valaskova, P. Struk
    • Decision Modelling Using the Choquet Integral
      Y. Narukawa, T. Murofushi

    12:00 Student session Chair: H. Imai

    • Application of Modified Elitism for the Optical Network Components Selection
      M. A. Dallaali, M. Premaratne
    • Application of Controlled Content Crossover to Solve Optical Component Selection Problem with two Constraints
      M. A. Dallaali, M. Premaratne
    • Computer Botifarra: simulation and search trees applied to an Imperfect Information Card Game
      C. A. Vallve-Guionnet

    12:45 Lunch time (planned near the conference site at 13:00)

    15:00 Plenary talk:

    • E. Herrera-Viedma (U. Granada, Spain), Chair: V. Torra
      Fuzzy Qualitative Models to Evaluate the Quality on the web

    16:00 Linguistic and symbolic models Chair: F. Chiclana

    • Measurements of Consensus in Multi-granular Linguistic Group Decision-making
      E. Herrera-Viedma, F. Mata, L. Martinez, F. Chiclana, L. G. Perez
    • On Detecting Interactions in Hayashi's Second Method of Quantification
      H. Imai, D. Izawa, K. Yoshida, Y. Sato

    16:40 Coffee Break

    17:00 Preferences Chair: Y. Yoshida

    • A Learning Procedure to Estimate Missing Values in Fuzzy Preference Relations Based on Additive Consistency
      S. Alonso, F. Chiclana, F. Herrera, E. Herrera-Viedma
    • Decision Making in a Dynamic System Based on Aggregated Fuzzy Preferences
      Y. Yoshida
    • Object Positioning Based on Partial Preferences
      J. M. Mateo-Sanz, J. Domingo-Ferrer, V. Torra

    18:00 Adjourn

Wednesday, 4th August:

    9:30 Plenary talk:

    • S. Miyamoto (U. Tsukuba, Japan), Chair: V. Torra
      Multisets and Fuzzy Multisets as a Framework of Information Systems

    10:30 Coffee break

    11:00 Clustering Chair: D. Marcek

    • A Comparative Study of Clustering Methods for Long Time-Series Medical Databases
      S. Tsumoto, S. Hirano
    • Fuzzy Multiset Model and Methods of Nonlinear Document Clustering for Information Retrieval
      S. Miyamoto, K. Mizutani
    • A Feature Weighting Approach to Building Classification Models by Interactive Clustering
      L. Jing, J. Huang, M. K. Ng, H. Rong

    12:00 Basic concepts Chair: J. Perez

    • A Framework for Representation and Manipulation of Vague Knowledge
      V. N. Huynh, Y. Nakamori
    • Comparing Transitive Closure with a New T-transitivization Method
      L. Garmendia, A. Salvador
    • On the Interpretation of Some Fuzzy Integrals
      V. Torra, Y. Narukawa

    13:00 Closing remarks

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