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Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence
Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence
Sabadell (Barcelona), Catalonia, Spain, October 30-31, 2008
Submission deadline:
April 1, 2008


  • A map including hotels, conference site, bus stop, restaurant for conference dinner, and train stations here
  • There is a bus line (Line Number 11) that reaches Vapor Llonch (conference site) from Placa Marcet (Marcet square), near Hotel Urpi, and from Hotel Catalonia. The bus stops are marked in the map. Line 11 goes from Hospital Tauli to Gran Via Sud. The full listing of the stops is as follows: Parc Tauli; Francesc Izard; Vilarrubies; Alcalde Marcet; Zamenhof; Alcalde Marcet; Sastre; Catalunya; Valenti Almirall; Ponent; Comte Jofre; Bombers; Vapor Llonch; Gegants de Gracia; Puig i Cadafalch.
  • To reach the conference site from the hotels is also possible, but it would take a while. Maybe 25-30 minutes. According to google 2.2 km.
The conference will take place in:

  • Vapor Llonch, E-08205 Sabadell. Address: Carretera de Barcelona, 208 Bis.
  • Location here and a detailed map that includes some railway stations here.
  • Web page of Vapor Llonch here (only Catalan and Spanish, no English web page).

The city:

  • Sabadell is located 20km north-west of Barcelona downtown. Easy access by train (two lines) from Barcelona city center and from the airport (by taxi).
  • Some information about the city can be found in the city council web page and also in Wikipedia


  • Barcelona Airport is the nearest commercial airport. It is at 37 Km from Sabadell.
  • From Barcelona Airport to Sabadell:
    • Take train (RENFE lines) from Airport to Sabadell, with an stopover in Barcelona Sants. In more detail: take line C10 from Airport, and then change to line C4 in "Barcelona-Sants", stop at "Sabadell Centre".
    • Take Taxi from Airport to Sabadell. It will cost around 50 or 60 euros.
  • From Barcelona city center:
    • FGC (Catalan railway company) serves the route Barcelona-Sabadell (line S2). There are trains every 13 minutes on working days, and every 20 minutes on holidays. Relevant stops in Barcelona: Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona city center), Provença (near Gaudi's Pedrera). Two stops are available in Sabadell: Sabadell-Estació and Sabadell-Rambla (end of the line).
      Sabadell-Rambla is the nearest station to Hotel Urpi (see below) and to the city center; Sabadell-Estació is the nearest station to Conference venue Vapor Llonch and Hotel Sabadell (see below)
    • RENFE (English not available in the web page for local trains) (Spanish railway company) serves Sabadell in the line from Barcelona to Sabadell - Terrassa - Manresa - Lleida (line C4). There are trains about every 15 minutes. Three stops are available in Sabadell: Sabadell Sud, Sabadell Centre, Sabadell Nord. Stops in Barcelona (in the same line C4 and near the city center): Sants, Plaça Catalunya, Arc de Triomf.
  • City council web page about getting to Sabadell.


  • Some hotels in Sabadell (for a full list of hotels in Sabadell see here):
    • Hotel Urpi (***). Address: Avinguda 11 de Setembre, 38; 08208 Sabadell. E-mail: hotelurpi@hotelurpi.com. Web page here (Map at google here)
    • Hotel Sabadell (****). Address: Pl. Catalunya, 10; 08206 Sabadell. Web page: sabadell@hoteles-catalonia.es. Web page here
  • It is possible to commute from Barcelona to Sabadell using FGC trains. It takes 40'. So, hotels in Barcelona near Plaça Catalunya and Provença (Balmes st. / Provença st.) might be suitable. Note, however, with respect to dinner, that there are no much trains after 22:00.


MDAI 2008

IIIA - Institut d'Investigació en Intel·ligència Artificial

CSIC - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

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