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Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence
Tsukuba, Japan, July 25-27, 2005
Submission deadline:
February 1, 2005

    PDF version not yet available here

Monday, 25th July:

    9:30 Registration

    10:30 Opening Session

    • Sadaaki Miyamoto, General Chair, MDAI 2005
    • Vicenç Torra, Program Committee co-chair, MDAI 2005
    • Yasuo Narukawa, Program Committee co-chair, MDAI 2005

    11:00 Plenary talk:

    • M. Grabisch (U. Paris I, France), Chair: Y. Narukawa
      Capacities and games on lattices: a survey of results

    12:00 Lunch time (planned near the conference site)

    13:00 Plenary talk:

    • E. Okamoto (U. Tsukuba, Japan), Chair: S. Miyamoto
      Cryptosystems based on Elliptic Curve Pairing

    14:00 Coffee break

    14:30 Parallel A: Rough Sets - I Chair: N. Takagi

    • On a tool for rough non-deterministic information analysis and its perspective for handling numerical data
      H. Sakai, T. Murai, M. Nakata
    • Several approaches to attribute reduction in variable precision rough set model
      M. Inuiguchi
    • Checking whether or not rough-set-based methods to incomplete data satisfy a correctness criterion
      M. Nakata, H. Sakai
    • Galois connections in fuzzy sets and rough approximations
      S. Miyamoto

    14:30 Parallel B: Decision Modeling - I Chair: Y. Narukawa

    • Qualitative Model of Game Theory
      R. Grabos
    • Regularity properties of null-additive fuzzy measure on metric spaces
      J. Li, M. Yasuda, J. Song
    • A statistical criterion of consistency in the Analytic Hierarchy Process
      J. A. Alonso, M. T. Lamata
    • Answer Set Programming for Qualitative Multicriteria Decision Making
      R. Grabos

    15:50 Break

    16:00 Parallel A: Information Access - I Chair:

    • NMF-based approach to font classification of printed english alphabets for document image understanding
      C. W. Lee, K. Jung
    • Edge-based spatial descriptor using color vector angle for effective image retrieval
      N. W. Kim, T. Y. Kim, J. S. Choi
    • Efficient 3D model retrieval method using geometric characteristics in intersected meshes
      K. H. Lee, N. W. Kim, J. S. Choi

    16:00 Parallel B: Decision modeling: Applications Chair: M. Inuiguchi

    • Evaluating the airline service quality by Fuzzy OWA operators
      C.-H. Cheng, J.-R. Chang, T.-H. Ho, A.-P. Chen
    • An adaptive module for the consensus reaching process in group decision making problems
      E. Herrera-Viedma, F. Mata, L. Martinez, L. G. Perez
    • Qualitative Reasoning Model for Tradeoff Analysis
      T. Wanyama, B. H. Far

    17:00 Adjourn

    17:30 Welcome party

Tuesday, 26th July:

    9:30 Parallel A: Genetic Algorithms - I Chair: S. Zadrozny

    • Cancer prediction using diversity-based ensemble genetic programming
      J.-H. Hong, S.-B. Cho
    • Optimization of fuzzy systems based on fuzzy set using genetic optimization and information granulation
      S.-K. Oh, K.-J. Park, W. Pedrycz
    • A new approach to genetically optimized hybrid fuzzy set-based polynomial neural networks with FSPNs and PNs
      S.-K. Oh, S.-B. Roh, W. Pedrycz

    9:30 Parallel B: Fusion of Soft Computing and Entertainment Computing - I Chair: Y. Endo

    • A decision support system for rheumatic evaluation and treatment in oriental medicine using fuzzy logic and neural network
      C. Thang, E. W. Cooper, Y. Hoshino, K. Kamei
    • Modeling designers' color decision processes through emotive strategy mapping
      E. W. Cooper, Y. Ishida, K. Kamei
    • An automatic rule creating method for KANSEI data and its application to a font creating system
      H. Hotta, M. Hagiwara

    10:30 Coffee break

    11:00 Parallel A: Genetic Algorithms - II Chair: Y. Maeda

    • Language generation for conversational agent by evolution of plan trees with genetic programming
      S. Lim, S.-B. Cho
    • Genetically optimized hybrid fuzzy neural networks in modeling software data
      S.-K. Oh, B.-J. Park, W. Pedrycz, H.-K. Kim
    • Genetically dynamic optimized self-organizing fuzzy polynomial neural networks with information granulation based FPNs
      H.-S. Park, S.-K. Oh, W. Pedrycz, H.-K. Kim

    11:00 Parallel B: Fusion of Soft Computing and Entertainment Computing - II Chair: T. Onisawa

    • Video motion capture for virtual characters
      A. Nakano, J. Hoshino
    • Behavior Analysis of Poker Playing System with Bluff/Slow-Play
      T. Yano, T. Onisawa
    • Intelligent storyboard for charactere animation
      H. Mori, J. Hoshino

    12:00 Lunch time (planned near the conference site)

    13:00 Parallel A: Decision Modeling - II Chair: V. Torra

    • A new concept of a similarity measure for intuitionistic fuzzy sets and its use in group decision making
      E. Szmidt, J. Kacprzyk
    • Perceptive evaluation for the optimal discounted reward in markov decision processes
      M. Kurano, M. Yasuda, J. Nakagami, Y. Yoshida

    13:00 Parallel B: Invited talk:

    • T. Onisawa (U. Tsukuba, Japan), Chair: S. Miyamoto
      Soft Computing in Human Centered Systems Thinking

    13:40 Break

    13:50 Parallel A: Soft Computing Chair: M. R. Ogiela

    • Fuzzy model based environmental stiffness identification in stable force control of a robot manipulator
      C.-W. Park, J. Lee, M. Park, M. Park
    • Omnidirectional adaptive behavior control for autonomous mobile robot
      Y. Maeda, W. Shimizuhira
    • Pairwise matching of spots in 2-DE images using hopfield network
      Y.-S. Hwang, H. Park, Y. Chung

    13:50 Parallel B: Clustering - I Chair: M. Sato-Ilic

    • A new approach to fuzzification of memberships in cluster analysis
      K. Honda, H. Ichihashi
    • Dynamic clustering based on universal gravitation model
      Y. Endo, H. Iwata
    • Kernel competitive learning networks
      R. Inokuchi, S. Miyamoto

    14:50 Coffee break

    15:20 Parallel A: Risk, Security, and Safety - I Chair: T. Suzuki

    • Evaluation of control performance of multi-stage fuzzy reasoning in anti-lock braking system for railways using fuzzy reasoning
      T. Asanome, T. Nonaka, Y. Endo, S. Nakazawa, H. Yoshikawa
    • Noise-robust watermarking for numerical datasets
      F. Sebe, J. Domingo-Ferrer, A. Solanas
    • Privacy-preserving hybrid microdata vs prior/posterior subdomain decision
      J. M. Mateo-Sanz, J. Domingo-Ferrer, F. Sebe
    • One-way and two-party authenticated ID-based key agreement protocols using pairing
      T. Okamoto, R. Tso, E. Okamoto

    15:20 Parallel B: Clustering - II Chair: K. Honda

    • Possibilistic approach to kernel-based fuzzy c-means clustering with entropy regularization
      K. Mizutani, S. Miyamoto
    • Fuzzy c-means clustering in the presence of noise cluster for time series analysis
      A. C. Alanzado, S. Miyamoto
    • Quantification of multivariate categorical data considering clusters of items and individuals
      C.-H. Oh, K. Honda, H. Ichihashi
    • Asymmetric multidimensional scaling using the degree of attractions for the objects
      M. Sato, K. Ito, M. Sato-Ilic

    16:40 Break

    17:00 Parallel A: Rough Sets - II Chair: M. Nakata

    • Handwritting pattern classification based on decision rules
      N. Takagi, J.-L. Han
    • Bottleneck Classification in the Environment of S-truncated functions and rough sets
      E. Rakus-Andersson
    • Extracting classification rules with support rough neural networks
      H. Ming, F. Boqin

    17:00 Parallel B: Information Access - II Chair: E. Szmidt

    • Bipolar queries revisited
      S. Zadrozny
    • A new version of the FIS-CRM model: Using fuzzy synonymy and fuzzy generality for word sense disambiguation
      P. J. Garces, J. A. Olivas, F. P. Romero
    • Content-based image retrieval of Kaou Images by region characterization and probabilistic relaxation
      K. Kameyama, S.-N. Kim, K. Toraichi, T. Yamamoto

    18:00 Adjourn

    18:30 Bus to the conference dinner (from the conference site)

    19:00 Conference Dinner

Wednesday, 27th July:

    9:00 Plenary talk:

    • N. Zhong (Maebashi Institute of Technology, Japan), Chair: V. Torra
      Building a Brain-Informatics Portal on the Wisdom Web with a Multi-Layer Grid: A New Challenge for Web Intelligence Research

    10:00 Break

    10:10 Parallel A: Risk, Security, and Safety - II Chair: H. Konno

    • A deposit system which guarantees liability for press and speech to establish reliable risk communications
      H. Kakeya
    • Risk management in terms of corporate brand based on perception of consumers
      G. Shoji, T. Akiyama, I. Matsushima, M. Yamamoto
    • A simplified method for the fire spreading risk evaluation in wooden building congestion areas
      M. Saito-Fujii, Y. Kumagai, E. Itoigawa
    • A study of residents' responses to natural and manmade hazards
      M. Umemoto

    10:10 Parallel B: Vision and Knowledge Representation Chair: K. Kameyama

    • Differential Filter for Detection of Moving Objects and Background Estimation Using Adaptive Identification Method
      S. H. Park, T. Matsuo
    • An efficient method for robust height estimation of moving objects
      J.-S. Kim, T.-Y. Kim, J.-S. Choi
    • Picture languages in medical pattern knowledge representation and understanding
      M. R. Ogiela, R. Tadeusiewicz
    • Meta-data: characterization of input features for meta-learning
      C. Castiello, G. Castellano, A. M. Fanelli

    11:30 Break

    11:40 Parallel A: Risk, Security, and Safety - III Chair: T. Suzuki

    • Information Geometrical approach to analysis of fluctuation in complex dynamical systems
      H. Konno, F. Watanabe
    • Modeling human-machine interaction for describing contributing factors of automation-surprises
      H. Zhou, M. Itoh, H. Furukawa, T. Inagaki
    • Real-time computation with enhanced pipe
      Y. Oyama, A. Inomata, T. Okamoto, E. Okamoto

    11:40 Parallel B: Knowledge Representation Chair: M. Sato-Ilic

    • Container Loading Problem: Formulation, Knowledge Utilization, and Algorithms
      S. Miyamoto, Y. Endo, K. Hanzawa, Y. Hamasuna
    • Loading problem in multiple containers and pallets using strategic search method
      S. Takahara
    • Domain knowledge improves ensemble of diverse evolutionary checkers players
      K.-J. Kim, S.-B. Cho

    12:40 Closing remarks

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