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Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence
Tsukuba, Japan, July 25-27, 2005
Submission deadline:
February 1, 2005

The conference will take place in:
  • Laboratory of Advanced Research B, or, in Japanese:

    University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan.

    This is a tall building of twelve floors

  • For accessing the conference site from Tsukuba Center: Take bus for "Tsukuba Daigaku Chuoh" and get off at "First Cluster of Colleges" (dai ichi gaku gun tou mae). The bus schedule is here and the bus route is given here (the Japanese version of this map can be found here). The bus (trip: Tsukuba Center - dai ichi gaku gun tou mae) costs 260 JPY. About using buses in Japan: click here for information from Japan-guide. Note: accessing the place by taxi will cost a maximum of 3000 JPY.
  • University maps: A map of the campus of the University of Tsukuba can be found here (in Japanese) and a map with the conference site (red circle) as well as the bus stop (black circle) is here. For some additional information see also the page on accessing Tsukuba University here

  • Airport-Tsukuba: You can reach Tsukuba (Tsukuba Center) directly from New Tokyo International (Narita) Airport with the NATTS bus bound for Tsuchiura Station getting off at Tsukuba Center bus terminal (see here for fares and schedules). It takes about 1.40 minutes. (Japanese page here). Tsukuba is about 40 km northwest of Narita Airport. Tickets should be bought at the Airport terminal (Keisei counter).
  • Tokyo/Tsukuba: Tsukuba (Tsukuba Center) is about 60 km northeast of Tokyo.
    1. The Tsukuba Express connects Akihabara station (in Tokyo) with Tsukuba Center (last stop). The trips takes either 45 minuts (rapid train) or 52 minutes, and there are about 4 trains every hour. In working days: from Tsukuba to Akihabara, first train at 5:07 and last one at 23:14 (schedule in Japanese here); from Akihabara to Tsukuba, first train at 5:30 and last one at 23:30 (schedule in Japanese here). In holidays: from Tsukuba to Akihabara and Akihabara to Tsukuba
    2. There are regular buses from Tokyo (JR Tokyo Station, Yaesu-Minami exit). English information can be found here, Japanese information here). An alternative bus line (Tsukubasan-Tokyo) that crosses Tsukuba but that does not stop at Tsukuba center can be found here.
  • Japan Railway: For schedules and reservations for the Japan Railway Company use http://www.jr-odekake.net (in Japanese).
  • For more details, see also the page on accessing Tsukuba University:
    1. Access to the University of Tsukuba (U. of Tsukuba web page)

Accommodation and tourist information:
  • Hotel reservations are to be made with the hotels. The hotels below are recommended:
    1. Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba
    2. Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba Epochal.
    Their English web page is here, for reservations click here
    Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba is at 2 minutes walk from Tsukuba Center bus station.
    Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba Epochal is at 10 minutes walk from Tsukuba Center bus station. (see here for a map).

Contact information: e-mail: mdai2005@risk.tsukuba.ac.jp
e-mail: mdai@iiia.csic.es

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