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Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence
Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain, April 3-5, 2006
Submission deadline:
October 7, 2005


    UPDATED PDF version here

Monday, 3rd April:

    9:00 Registration

    9:30 Opening Session

    • Aida Valls, General Chair, MDAI 2006
    • Josep Domingo, General Chair, MDAI 2006
    • Vicenç Torra, Program Committee co-chair, MDAI 2006
    • Yasuo Narukawa, Program Committee co-chair, MDAI 2006

    10:00 Plenary talk:

    • J. Dujmovic (San Francisco State University, USA), Chair: V. Torra
      Asymmetric and Compound Preference Aggregators

    11:15 Coffee break

    11:30 Session M1: Decision: Applications Chair: D. Riaño

    • Evaluating model construction methods with objective rule evaluation indices to support human experts
      H. Abe, S. Tsumoto, M. Ohsaki, T. Yamaguchi
    • A multicriteria fuzzy decision system to sort contaminated soils
      M. Garcia, E. López, V. Kumar, A. Valls
    • A comparing method of two team behaviours in the simulation coach competititon
      J. A. Iglesias, A. Ledezma, A. Sanchis
    • On the use of tools based on fuzzy set theories in parametric software cost estimation
      F. J. Crespo, Ó. Marbán
    • Using fuzzy set theory to assess country-of-origin effects on the formation of product attitude
      K. Brijs, K. Vanhoof, T. Brijs, D. Karlis

    13:15 Lunch time (planned near the conference site)

    15:00 Plenary talk:

    • J. Sabater (IIIA-CSIC, Catalonia, Spain), Chair: J. Domingo
      Towards the next generation of computational trust and reputation models

    16:15 Break

    16:30 Session M2: Aggregation Operators and Fuzzy Measures - I Chair: R. Mesiar

    • Non-monotonic fuzzy measures and intuitionistic fuzzy sets
      Y. Narukawa, V. Torra
    • A defuzzification method of fuzzy numbers induced from weighted aggregation operations
      Y. Yoshida
    • Classifying Fuzzy Measures
      L. Garmendia

    18:30 Guided tour to Tarragona

Tuesday, 4th April:

    8:30 Session T1-A: Decision - I Chair: H. Abe

    • Preference modeling by rectangular bilattices
      O. Arieli, C. Cornelis, G. Deschrijver
    • Measuring the specificity of fuzzy sets on infinite domains
      L. Garmendia, A. Salvador
    • An agent negotiation engine for collaborative decision making
      T. Wanyama, B. H. Far
    • Learning causal bayesian networks from observations and experiments: a decision theoretic approach
      S. Meganck, P. Leray, B. Manderick

    08:30 Session T1-B: Clustering Chair: Y. Endo

    • Clustering and aggregation of web query session data for user profiling
      D. Nettleton
    • Path bitmap indexing for retrieval of XML documents
      J,-M. Lee, B.-Y. Hwang
    • On fuzzy c-means for data with tolerance
      R. Murata, Y. Endo, H. Haruyama, S. Miyamoto
    • Towards automatic generation of interpretation as a tool for modelling decisions
      K. Gibert, A. Perez Bonilla

    10:00 Plenary talk:

    • M. Sugeno (Doshisha University, Japan), Chair: Y. Narukawa
      Computational models of language toward brain-style computing

    11:15 Coffee break

    11:30 Session T2: Aggregation Operators and Fuzzy Measures - II Chair: Y. Yoshida

    • Decision aggregation in an agent-based financial investment planning system
      Z. Zhang
    • Generated universal fuzzy measures
      R. Mesiar, A. Mesiarová, L. Valásková
    • Aggregation of valued relations applied to association rule interestingness measures
      J.-P. Barthélemy, A. Legrain, P. Lenca, B. Vaillant
    • On the relationship between the quantifier threshold and OWA operators
      L. Troiano, R. R. Yager
    • On a characterization of IF probability
      J. Petrovicova, B. Riecan

    13:15 Lunch time (planned near the conference site)

    15:00 Session T3: Information Fusion Chair: L. Troiano

    • Fusion of sensory information, internal models, and policy in autonomic computing systems
      B. Barry, J. Strassner
    • OEGMerge: a case-based model for merging ontologies
      M. Fernandez-Lopez, A. Gomez-Perez, J. A. Ramos
    • Concurrent fusion via sampling and LinOP-aggregation for medical data
      A. Holland, M. Fathi

    16:00 Session T4: Learning - I Chair: E. Herrera-Viedma

    • Bayesian correction for SNP ascertainment bias
      M. M. Abad-Grau, P. Sebastiani
    • Improving fuzzy rule-based decision models by means of a genetic 2-tuples based tuning and the rule selection
      R. Alcalá, J. Alcalá-Fdez, F. J. Berlanga, M. J. Gacto, F. Herrera
    • An application of support vector machine to companies' financial distress prediction
      X.-F. Hui, J. Sun
    • On the use of variable-size fuzzy clustering for classification
      V. Torra, S. Miyamoto

    19:30 Reception in Tarragona Town Hall

    21:00 Conference dinner

Wednesday, 5th April:

    09:00 Session W1-A: Learning - II Chair: K. Gibert

    • Probabilistic verification of uncertain systems using bounded-parameter markov decision processes
      D. Wu, X. Koutsoukos
    • Embedding sample points relevance in linear SVM classification
      B. Apolloni, D. Malchiodi
    • Toward the development of a population model by a multi-agent simulator
      K. Hirayama

    9:00 Session W1-B: Decision - II Chair: F. Herrera

    • Strategies to manage ignorance situations in multiperson decision making problems
      S. Alonso, E. Herrera-Viedma, F. Chiclana, F. Herrera, C. Porcel
    • The pairwise comparison model: the multiplicative and the additive approach
      A. J. Herencia-Leva, M. T. Lamata, C. Perez-Melendez
    • Simultaneous decision networks with multiple objectives as support for strategic planning
      I. Blecic, A. Cecchini, G. A. Trunfio

    10:00 Plenary talk:

    • S. Greco (University of Catania, Italy), Chair: V. Torra
      Dominance-based rough set approach to case-based reasoning

    11:15 Coffee break

    11:30 Session W2-A: Learning - III Chair: D. Nettleton

    • Reducing the amount of input data in traffic sign classification
      A. Granados, A. Ledezma, G. Gutierrez, A. Sanchis
    • Modality argumentation programming
      J. C. Nieves, U. Cortes

    11:30 Session W2-B: Privacy and risk assessment Chair: F. Sebé

    • Integrated fuzzy approach for system modeling and risk assessment
      V. Kumar, M. Schuhmacher, M. Garcia
    • Watermarking non-numerical databases
      A. Solanas, J. Domingo-Ferrer
    • New approach to the re-identification problem using neural networks
      J. Nin, V. Torra

    12:40 Closing remarks

    13:00 Lunch time (planned near the conference site)

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